• Panama - Finca Lérida Washed


Panama - Finca Lérida Washed

Sweet, complex, savory flavors from the oldest Panamanian coffee farm

Toasted Caramel, Fruit Reduction, Umami



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Tasting Notes

Sweet, dark, sugary flavors such as dark brown sugar, molasses, and toasted caramel start off tasting this coffee. Those flavors mingle with middle notes of complex fruit flavors that are akin to apple, cherry, peach, apricot, and cherry tomato reduction. Finally notes of earthy coco and sweet, fine-quality, tobacco leaf come into the medley to finish cups of this unique and superb coffee.

About the Producers

Finca Lérida is well known today for the numerous international coffee competitions it has won and for the world-class bird watching that is facilitated by the extremely bird friendly farm management practices employed by the farm. However, Finca Lérida is also the oldest coffee farm in all of Panama. The first coffee was planted at Finca Lérida in 1917. The coffee produced by those plants became the first coffee exported out of Panama, and thus began the rich history and innovative culture of Panamanian specialty coffee.

Today the farm produces numerous varieties of coffee including the Pacamara and Typica varieties offered by Black Oak. Finca Lerda also includes a coffee mill that allows the producer to have an immense amount of control over the processing of the coffee they so meticulously cultivated. The mill produces washed, natural, and every shade of honey in between.

We chose to feature this washed Pacamara lot because we feel it showcases the unique qualities of this unique coffee variety. The extraordinary large seeds and sweet, bright, complex cup qualities are hallmarks of the Marogopipe and Bourbon varieties that were hybridized to produce the Pacamara variety.

The washed process on this coffee allows a clear view of what this variety tastes like without the confounding impacts of extensive fermentation.

How to Brew

This coffee can produce a range in terms of cup quality. Sweeter, more structure oriented cups are possible with higher brew ratios on the order of 1:13. While, more nuanced, umami, flavor forward cups are also entirely possible to achieve using a lower brew ratio of around 1:16. Brew water should be about 195-200°F. 

Varieties: Pacamara

Processing Method: Washed

Altitude:  5400-6000'

Size: 12oz

Roast: Light

Customer Reviews

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ulrich link
Good stuff!

Good, interesting and different in taste/profile from other varietals. Love the Umami flavor. Black Oak, as usual, keeps things from becoming mundane!

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