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Black Oak Tasting Club - Monthly

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Christopher Fowler
Always a fresh delicious cup!

I love Black Oak's tasting club!
Single origin light roast beans freshly roasted and sent to my door! They even can customize your deliveries for you, something i had to do when i realized that 2 bags would only last me 3 weeks instead of a month.
Thanks guys!

Mitch Wilson
Tasting Club pretty much awesome!

Look forward to my tasting club subscription every month. I have never been let down with the Coffee.

Adam Care
Great coffee selection

Very happy with my subscription

Adam Schulz
Amazing Coffee Every Month

We love the monthly coffee subscription! Different origins, unique and beautiful flavors, excellent service, all make up the excellent buying experience from Black Oak Coffee Rosters. Highly recommended!!

Robyn McCallister
Best coffee I've ever had

I like some better than others, but Black Oak coffee is consistently better than most. Plus, it's a great local company. I became a member at the start of the nationwide lockdown, to make sure I wouldn't be without my favorite coffee. My monthly package from Black Oak is my favorite mail.

Affordable selection of the best coffees I’ve ever had

The first week of the month is Xmas for me. I have never tracked a package so closely as this one. My only regret is that it doesn’t come from the North Pole. Ukiah is a close second.

I love the variety of Ethiopian flavors and the best from around the world. I trust that the coffee selected by BOC is the best. Not to mention their staff is incredibly responsive. Feels good to support a small and exquisite roaster. Well done y’all.

Thomas Battis

Black Oak Tasting Club - Monthly

Bobby G
Consistently great coffee

Black Oak Coffee has perfectly roasted single origins. We enjoy tasting the flavors of different coffees and they do a great job in finding the perfect roast level to bring out the flavor without smothering with a heavy roast.

Hanna Negusie
Black Oak Tasting Club is

Black Oak Tasting Club is great! I'm always excited to discover new types of coffee each month. Also I'm happy to still be able to experience Black Oak coffee even though I no longer live in Ukiah!

Sebastian Hedberg
First batch of coffee has

First batch of coffee has been fun. As I get more into flavor profiles I hope to enjoy them even more.